Desi Grocery Store Moline

Desi Grocery Store Moline caters to the lovers of South Asian Spices and Vegetables in the Quad Cities region.  We stock many varieties of Veggies, Cereals, Halal Meats and delicious Snacks.

Here are some of our offerings.


Indian SpicesSouth Asian cuisines is one of the most famous cuisine in the world and the secret to the recipes are the Spices and the ingredients.  So if you are looking to make Indian or Pakistani  recipes such as Chicken Biriyani, Kebabs, Koftas or Tandoori Chicken, you can find all the right spices from well known brands here at our store.  All the popular and authentic brands from India and Pakistan are stored at our store.


chickentikka1We are also one of the stores in Quad Cities which sells fresh Halal meats.  Many popular South Asian recipes can be made with meat we sell at our store. The good thing is you can get all the right spices also to cook these recipes at our store.  More details about our meat section can be found here.

indian vegetablesFresh Vegetables

Apart from Spices and meats, we also bring fresh vegetable used in South Asian cuisines from Chicago every Monday for the  convenience of our patrons.  You can find many varieties of vegetables at our store which include Egg plant, Okra (Bhindi), Spinach, Fenugreek (Methi) leaves, Gourd (Louki), Varieties of Beans, Bitter Gourd (Karela) and raw papaya, Garlic and many other vegetables.  Visit our store to get these and many other fresh vegetables.

Indian Snacks

samosaIf you are hungry for a bite of snacks drop into our store for tasty Samosas or mouth watering Chicken or Vegetable rolls.



Other Items

We also store many varieties of Rice including world famous Basmati Rice,  Wheat flours, Cereals and Dals(Lentils), Rajma (Kidney Beans) and ready to eat Frozen snacks and curries.

There are literally hundreds of varieties of South Asian grocery items at our store which can meet all your kitchen needs.